Electronic Music Production in LMMS

Last Thursday was our first session in Electronic Music Production in LMMS.  Musician and writer Jace Clayton (aka DJ/rupture) introduced students to the free, cross-platform software for music production. Students dove right in to creating custom beats, utilizing instrument tracks, and began creating compositions of their own design. There was a wide range of interests from mixing tracks, creating instrumental harmonies, to sampling... and you can listen to some of the amazing work here! Jace will be talking about sampling, FX processing, compositional elements, and other music production techniques in the remaining workshops this May.

The drop-in program runs every Thursday from 4-6PM. Doors open at 3PM. Don't forget to RSVP

If you'd like more information on this month's program, or upcoming workshops, please visit: http://www.eyebeam.org/events/youth-drop-in-program

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