Electrosmog and Brainstorms: Rethinking the Urban Wilderness

  Over the past couple days, The Student Residents have been brainstorming ideas for the upcoming Electrosmog International Festival. This festival deals with the issue of global mobility and aims to rethink the developing reliance on 'hyper-mobility'. We have all heard that '"the world is getting smaller" due to advances in train, airplane, and space technologies, and while this may seem fantastic, the world does not have the resources to support the energy needs required for these new technologies. The Electrosmog International Festival is here to save the day (quite literally), and is working to replace this 'hyper-mobility' focus with 'sustainable immobility'. 'Sustainable Immobility' is defined as "a lifestyle less determined by speed and constant mobility. A lifestyle that celebrates stronger links to local cultures, while at the same time deepening our connections to others across any geographical divide by means of new communication technologies, instead of physical travel". 

Jon Chors, a past resident artist at Eyebeam, presented us with a proposal for the upcoming Electrosmog International Festival, which will go down from March 18th to 20th, 2010. He approached us with a project where as a group we developed 4-5 projects, both large and small. which focused on the idea of Urban Wilderness and  then to create a wordpress blog that contained instruction sets and maps that show where these projects have been implemented, along with a running blog of ideas and posts. Hopefully this blog would evolve into a larger interface that would also allow others to post ideas and instruction sets.
We discussed ideas briefly in early november, and now two days ago we really began to think about possible projects. 

The ideas 'stormed' so far include:

- Plants sewn into t-shirts
- Micro farms where households form a farming cooperative that they can buy into - sweat, land, or cash equity - to provide for their household
- Mini-magnetic planters to be placed around metal objects in cities: railroads, high rises, etc..
- Placing seeds in shoes and then hanging them over telephone wires, to create hanging gardens above the street
- Creating a infrastructure that identifies local unused parcels of lands pairs those spots with those interested in cultivatating them.
- Establishing local networks to collect local information to possibly share as part of a global database

These are just some of the examples of ideas that have been explored! More to come! 

If you are interested in learning more about the Electrosmog International Festival check it out here ~ 

Do not forget to check back for updates!

-Spencer and the Student Residents


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