Engineers and gears.

Makes things clear.

I've been working with Dustyn, creating rave sheep and party gears. Dustyn is writing a book for Artists, based on her classes she led and NYU, I believe. So while she's feverishly typing away on her computer, talking to her putter-togetherers for her book, she's been working with me, mentoring me in the vast land of robotics. She has been helping me understand how simple machines work. 
It has been a pleasure working with Dustyn, for making time for a high school student who cannot even understand how gears work and really dedicating time: however small, I really appreciate. She made gears not as complicated as it is. (Which it's not. It just takes me a little longer than normal people.) 
Here's the crazy rave sheep that hops! It was supposed to bob it's head, but glue + me+ printed cardstock = not friends.
The sheep didn't mind. It was just partying in the jersey shore, you know. Fist pumping like champs.
Download now or watch on posterous (9620 KB)



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