Go For Broke Before Broke Goes For You


Go For Broke, the phrase refers to gambling all you own in one big effort. Your stocks, your home, your life. There will never be a limitation to risk.

Why should their be? Gambling has allowed people to become very wealthy. It's important to remember however, gambling has also been the demise of countless lives. Isn't everything a risk in modern day society? Who can you trust now-a-days? Certainly not the men on Wall Street, the bankers and CEOs. Or at least this is the current trend. The greed of such people has caused America's recession.

No matter how well versed you are in the world of Wall Street, no matter how many professional opinions you gained, can you really know the outcome of the market? Isn't it all just a big gamble? No matter how hard we try we can never account for all variables of the market. It's instances like these that make or break the lives of several unsuspecting citizens. The recession has sent countless lives into a unending funnel of debt.

My goal is to create a sarcastic example/commentary of such situations through the creation of Go For Broke, a competitive multi-player plinko game. This game is meant to highlight how absurd the greed of modern day Wall street is, to the point where its a struggle to stay in the positive figures. This game has been designed to give you the feel of the chaos and how competitive the market is/can be.
For competitive multi-player two plinko boards have been placed side by side. Their is no divider for the two boards, your pucks can actually slip over into your opponents board if you're not careful supplying them with more or less point according to the slot the puck ends up in.

But that's unfair you say? Who cares, that's life get use to it. That's how the market works.

The negative figures outweigh the positive figures so good luck gaining money, and keeping it at that. When it comes down to it, its a game of chance left up to little skill. It is meant to be a fun game you can play with friends that provides a witty commentary.

At the top of this post is a picture of the plinko board (under construction as you can see). The game will be covered in colors to create a chaotic environment that welcomes you into its trap. For if you were betting real money you'd be down quite a lot while I would be lining my pockets with your hard earned cash. A layer of protective Plexiglass with be laid over the board with etchings over each slot to provide a category of money. For example: Foreclosed, Kids College Fund Raises $3000, Line the Pockets of Bankers and so on.
Sound effects will be added as well as LED lighting on the sides for a carnival effect. All in all a lot more work is required in order to complete Go For Broke but its well on its way to robbing you blind. :3



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