It's OVER. Wait what?

Friday and Saturday mark our final days walking the halls at Eyebeam. I can't believe it's finally coming to an end. Who knew eleven months would go that fast? And what are we ending it with? A fucking bar table. 

Anyway, instead of getting caught up in the present, let's take a trip down memory lane, the highlights of my stay at Eyebeam. 

Diana Eng! Fairytale Fashion! 

I guess the biggest thing I've done at Eyebeam was working with fashion designer/nerd Diana Eng, from season two of Project Runway. Now THAT was an experience. She taught me so much, from holding scissors right when cutting fabrics to translating biomemedics to designs. She was also a lot of fun, and I wasn't JUST her intern. I was also her friend, and she took me places like fashion shows and art gallery openings. She also introduced me to many cool people, like Fashion Photographer Rick, who in turn took me to many other cool places. 

Diana was a resident at Eyebeam, and had an awesome project. She created a "Fairytale Fashion" program designed for young girls and boys to learn about the world of fashion, but also the technology behind it. We played with ideas and built things that used El Wire, LED lights, inflatable materials, and other things. Each week there would be a video explaining the technology and students would log on and leave comments as to how they would implement the technology into the clothes they imagined. 

At the end of program, we had a fashion show, showcasing the best designs that everyone came up with as a whole. It was a big hit, and people from all over came to check it out. Even some elementary school kids were invited to sit front row to watch their ideas strut past them on the runway.  

Producing the fashion show was a lot of fun, and unlike many interns, I actually had a say in what went down. The model casting was so much fun, and I learned how it really worked. The photoshoots were also fun, and I assisted the photographer. 

The best thing about working with Diana is, she never forgets you! Every now and then she checks up on how I'm doing, and whenever she needs help she gives me a call. Perhaps the most fun was when RADAR decided to film a documentary on a staged photoshoot we put together. I met so many new friends in the modeling business, and I got to help style the shoot, not to mention star in the documentary as her assistant/stylist! 

That reminds me, I have to call her! 


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