MUD, MUSH, and classic games, oh my!

The past two weeks at Eyebeam's Drop-In program have been full of
internet culture exploration through social networking and gaming
media. Last week Dan Walmsley introduced students to MUDs (Multi-User
Dungeons) and MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucinations) through
text-based social media. Students learned how to access rooms and
interact with users and objects (all in a text format!) through Mac's
Terminal commands. Students then learned how to create objects, rooms,
and environments that others can interact with and explore!

Today we looked at game emulators and talked about the culture of the
early gaming medium. Some of the games we talked about and played
included The Secret of Monkey Island, The Curse of Monkey Island, King
Quest 2, Sam and Max Hit the Road, and Day of the Tentacle. These
award-winning classics gave students another perspective into early
gaming culture with a different look and feel. Check out some of the
screen-shots from last week and today's games!


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