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So I have started researching the issue of Net Neutrality, and last night I went to a Net Neutrality debate held by Google and Verizon at the IAC building as part of the Web 2.0 Expo. The debate was about the passing of legislation for a net neutrality law which would state that no discrimination could be made in regards to who can access the internet, what applications get more space, and who can contact who else on the internet. At the beginning of the debate, the audience was asked to vote on their feelings towards the topic, either for passing legislature, against passing legislature or undecided on the topic. At the end of the debate they once again had people vote on how they felt, to see if anyone had been swayed. The number of people who changed their opinion to "for" the legislation was 30%, increasing the number from 50% to 80%. The amount of people who decided they were "against" the legislation increased from 12% to 14%. The "undecided" dropped from 38% to 6%. The debate was extremely informative and will help me prepare for friday.

For more information check out this link
There is a list of participants and links to the different projects involved.

So just a quick note on what is happening on friday. I am testifying at City Hall on the issue of Net Neutrality. This testimony will last for around 4 minutes, and will be submitted along with testimonies from other New York Cityers to the Federal Communication Commisions (FCC) who are in charge of the legislation in regards to the internet.

Also I said I would post the video of I <3 Bushwick a while ago. Here it is

I <3 Bushwick from Spencer Brown on Vimeo.

I <3 Bushwick from Spencer Brown on Vimeo.

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