Overview of the STUNNING accomplishments of the 2009/2010 Student Residents

Eyebeam's Student Resident program is a school-year long digital arts and technology program for New York City public high school students who are interested in experimenting, learning, and creating with new technology tools.

During the program Student Residents work with Eyebeam fellows and residents as collaborators and mentees, learn to work with new tools for creative practice, and create individual and group projects. The student residents come to us through our summer youth program, Digital Day Camp and from there, are invited to apply to the student resident program.

What follows is an overview of their activities during their 11-month stint at Eyebeam, including their time as DDC students.
July 2009

Pop-Up Party with Digital Day Camp
A portable, instant party underneath the High Line, on what we call "the Low Line", the students collaborated with artists Christina Kral and Adriana Young to create a temporary installation for fun and partying.
Spencer design a pulley for serving lemonade on the High Line.


Zoe and Caroline designed a workshop station for people to learn easy gardening tips, and to take away their own plants, using seed from the kitchen pantry.


Luther worked with a friend to create a floating sign to tell the people on the High Line about our party on the Low Line.
Jade worked with a friend to make a Mobile Movie House for screening the short films we had made that summer.

September 2009
I (heart) Bushwick
We were invited by artist Adriana Valdez Young to come up with a set design for a community party being hosted by CAPITAL B, a community project organized by Chez Bushwick.
Caroline created Wishing Trees to collect wishes for Bushwick, and Jade created a landscape to plant the trees in. Luther made a canopy that covered the whole party and a DJ booth. Zoe designed seating for everyone. Spencer documented the whole day, and made a video. See the project post for images and the video.


October 2009
PUL / IPE (Pop Up Library / Instant Publishing Elevator)
Caroline, Luther, and Jade were invited to collaborate with artist Christina Kral on a performative intervention as part of her residency at Columbia University. We dropped secrets, collected knowledge, and made instant booklets. We offered fortune cookies in exchange for what we collected! See all the photos here


In September and October, Zoe also worked with public artist Jordan Seiler of the Public Ad Campaign, on the New York Street Art Takeover. See her blog post on it here: http://zoester.posterous.com/21109052
From October - February, Luther worked with designer and hacker Diana Eng on her Fairytale Fashions project. See his blog post on the experience here: http://eyebeamers.posterous.com/its-over-wait-what


Fall 2009 Open Studios
The student residents achieved new heights with their work on Eyebeam's Fall Open Studios.
Caroline + Jade riffed off their wishing trees, to create a life sized Eyebeam family tree where they invited guests to contribute memories about Eyebeam as leaves on the tree. Zoe made signage for us, and we all worked together to create a Pop Up Lounge in Eyebeam's entrance.
November - Deceber 2009
Eyebeam Nativity Scene in the Window Gallery
All 5 students collaborated to create an installation in Eyebeam's window gallery. After some design tips from Diana Eng, they decided that the window would make a perfect creche for a nativity scene, Eyebeam style...


February - March

Urban Wilderness Action Center (UWAC) and UWAC Day
Jade, Zoe, Spencer, and Caroline collaborated with artist Jon Cohrs to create this project designed for an international audience. Project post here: http://eyebeam.org/projects/urban-wilderness-action-center-uwac-3



Metaflora, a project for UWAC Day
Jade, Zoe, Spencer, and Caroline created this urban street art intervention in collaboration with artists Doris Cacoilo, Sonali Sridhar, and gardener Maya Nayak. Project post here: http://eyebeam.org/projects/metaflora


April - June 2010

Projects with artists and independent projects!
For the remainder of spring, the students worked with Eyebeam residents and fellows on their projects, or on their own projects.
Jade worked as a mentee with Caroballo / Farman (blog post about it here), as well as with Dustyn Roberts (blog post about it here). Using her newfound knowledge on simple machines, she designed Floating In Dreams in as an homage to an artist she likes.
Caroline designed a Plinko game called Go for Broke with support from Eyebeam Fellow, Kaho Abe.
Spencer, using his knowledge of Pd from workshops in the fall with Hans Christoph-Steiner, hacked a DJ Hero to create Bluetooth DJ
Zoe worked as a mentee with Jacob Ciocci. See her blog post about it here.
Luther developed a Justin Kohrs persona, experimenting with ideas on "instant fame." See his blog post about it here.



All in all - TOTALLY incredibly work from 5 totally incredible teenagers.


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