Pop-Up Celebrity

Pop-Up Celebrity! Holy S@*% ! 

The second thing I've been up to is my Pop-Up Celebrity. Back in DDC in summer 09, I branded the term "Pop-Up". We had a Pop-Up Party, Pop-Up printing press/ elevator party, and now we're having a Pop-Up Celebrity event. In simple terms, I just created a fake person, Justin Kohrs, and a fake background story. I got a bunch of followers on Facebook, (in fact you should add him as a friend! All links at bottom!) and I'm going to go into SoHo and other areas around the city pretending to be famous. I'll have fake fans/paparazzi stalking my every movement, as well as documenters documenting (well what else would they do?) how the public reacts to everything. It should be fun as well as interesting. Why work to be famous? Everyone should have the option of being famous once in a while! 

Eventually I'm going to create a short how-to manual or book on how to have a Pop-Up Celebrity event. It should be awesome! Look out for it on bookshelves or blogs (maybe printing isn't going to happen) near you! 

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Justin Kohrs Facebook HERE


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