Sir, I think you forgot to Regard the Horror Shop.

It's come the time for the wonderful BLOGPOST TIME.
I've been working with Abhu and Leo for the past two weeks, and I've been photoshopping their images onto shirts and chiz.
It's been fun, but it's time for this old dog to find a new bone! (If you know what I mean.)
Next Tuesday I'll be working with Dustyn, and helping her out with her book. I'll be building a "simple machine" called the "aggreeable sheep". I'm really excited to move away from the computer screen and get into some hands-on work!

Oh, are you asking me about my project for the final run of my student residency? WELL DARLING, it's kinda just chilling in the back of my mind, sitting there waiting to be manipulated. I'm trying to combine my interest in robotics, and that stereotypical idea into one. Maybe if you press a button on the "typewriter" it makes a certain sound (like a bell) or something. I don't know, I'll be working it out.

These pictures are credited to Abhu and Leo, but I was able to work on them.
If you wish to purchase these beautiful pieces of work, I'll include the website when it becomes live.


Click here to download:

10.30.06 copy (98 KB)

Click here to download:

07.31.05 copy (169 KB)

Click here to download:

03.14.07 copybutt (186 KB)

Click here to download:

rth10.30.06b copy (405 KB)


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