They grow up so fast...

Unfortunately we (the student residents) are nearing the end of our stay at Eyebeam. We are taking advantage of all that Eyebeam has to offer one last time before he head our separate ways though. 
We are starting our own individual projects on basically whichever topic we'd like to focus on. 
My original plan was to create a pinball machine/game that is meant to create a social/political commentary on how the rescission began. 
Judging on how expensive pinball machines are and Eyebeam isn't floating in an endless sea of cash I decided to change my focus from Pinball to Plinko and Pachinko.
Both possibilities that the amazing Kaho suggested. Kaho has experience with game design and social interactions around concepts so she's being so kind as to help me narrow a few things down. 
So as of now my project looks like it'll revolve around a 2 player plinko game where the odds are greatly stacked against the player(s). 
Clearly some narrowing down needs to be done but so far so good and I'm really looking forward to this project. :D 


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