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The Eyebeam Action Lab is a community engagement project where creative practitioners working in open source software design and art activism will collaborate with teen communities to design software-based solutions for social challenges. During a one-year period we will complete 5-8 projects.

The Lab will identify teenage students through our network of community partners, and engage them through afterschool programs and school break intensives. A Lab Team comprised of teens and mentors will identify an obstacle inherent within their community, and then engage in an extended research and development period toward creating a software solution. A software design document will be rendered and a software coding service will produce the application. Following a beta release, students will assess and refine their application before a final open source release. Software and support materials will be hosted on a Lab website and promoted to communities benefitting from the resource. In working through a facilitated software R&D cycle, students will gain skills in research, ideation, collaboration, project management, critical thinking, and assessment.

By launching projects via the open source community, there is potential for broader online participation and accessibility. Through the realization of each project, we will create but one solution for a social challenge. However, by opening up the code and methodology of our project, we participate in an ongoing legacy of social change.

We believe open source methodologies become a vehicle toward community empowerment and civic participation. As open source models of participation transform culture via user-generated content, there is a greater expectation – and therefore demand – for broader cultural change. Not only will Lab students develop significant digital media literacy skills, they will also learn how to shift their cultural role from consumer to producer.

Eyebeam will collaborate with our Advisory Council and research groups to realize our Action Lab.

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