Working on the best plinko board known to man.

The past few weeks have been crazy with my recession plinko board project.

It's rapidly morphed from a sloppy idea with the uncertainty of completion to a stellar well though out project that seems to be coming together.
Jamie has helped me make all of my wood cuts and laser cut my circular playing pieces. I've been sawing away at the dowels I purchased to create the small rods which will intercept the the circular playing pieces every which way. Kaho has helped and is helping BIG TIME with almost everything. From technical support to conceptual advice Kaho always has helpful ideas. Kaho and I will be purchasing the switches we need and then its on to coding. Next up is hooking up the LEDs to give the plinko board the carnival feeling. A lot still needs to be down to create the dream of a plinko board that create commentary on the recession but its well on its way to becoming quite possibly the best plinko board known to man. 


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