Yo, Frankie!

Hi there!

Today concluded the spring drop-in program with an awesome investigation into 3d graphic environments. With Dan's leadership, we created primitives and nodes in Blender, a free 3D modeling and game environment. Afterwards, we took a look at Yo Frankie, a pretty cool open-source game created with Blender. With the knowledge from the workshop, students can edit the graphics and relaunch the game with their customized graphics!

To download, play and modify these games, follow these links:

Download Blender and BlenderPlayer from http://blender.org
Download Blender Games that you can modify from http://blendergames.org
Download the YoFrankie game that we were playing from http://yofrankie.org

and with that I bid farewell -- keep an eye out for Eyebeam programs and events!


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