visiting Beijing

Written from a bumpy 40,000 feet somewhere over Canada, posted from Beijing.

After a delayed takeoff from JFK, I’m on my way to Beijing. State run stalwart Air China might not be the Braniff of the 21st Century, but this old Boeing 747 feels as sturdy and reliable as the Great Wall itself. It’s my very first time in China, and I’m totally excited. My reason for going is exciting too as I’ll be representing Eyebeam at the launch of Tsinghua University’s new Art and Science Media Labs (TASML). There’s a pretty amazing group of international organizations being represented: V2_, Future Lab / Ars Electronica, Media Lab Prado, SymbioitcA, Blast Theory, Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media, ZKM, and more. I’m currently putting the last minute touches on my presentation and then hope to sleep away some of these remaining ten hours of the flight. I’ll do my best to try and blog this trip as regularly as possible while there, assuming I can get through the Chinese firewall.