Web as Platform

Syllabus: http://prof.crouse.cc/web_as_platform

Spring 2010: http://prof.crouse.cc/web_as_platform/spring_2010

Google’s announcement of the Chrome OS provided a definite time line for what has been on the horizon for some time: web-based personal computing. With this radical change in the way we think about personal computing, languages once thought of as too rudimentary for “serious” application programming (namely JavaScript) are becoming more important. This class will look at the nuts and bolts of Web Application Development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, as well as the implications of viewing the web as a platform. We will look at the current landscape of web apps and services, including Mechanical Turk, Amazon S3, Facebook, and Google Maps, and learn to use these services in our own work. We will cover many popular libraries, such as JQuery, Blueprint CSS, and the Google Web Toolkit and App Engine. This class is for students who wish to learn the basics of how to make functional web applications. The class will start with a 2 week HTML/CSS intensive review, so students with no HTML/CSS experience should expect some extra work.