Best Invite Evar!

From Marisa to Steve:

Steve! Hi! It sounds like you’ve been galavanting around giving lots
of rock star lectures and wining lots of awards. I hope there’s been
at least one Giant Check in there!

So I am teaching a Visual Studies seminar (intro, undergrad) at
Purchase  and it’s going to be largely focused on
advertising. They’ll be reading Roland Barthes, Marshall McLuhan,
Gloria Steinem, AIDS Demographics uh, Stephen Duncombe… a range, but mostly cultural theory stuff. I was wondering if you could come in and talk about your work, AAA, or anything ad-related that you think
Purchase undergrads should hear about….

I could definitely try and make you a Giant Czheck, though it would
probably be neon and wouldn’t be redeemable anywhere but Marisa &
Michael’s House of Gluten-Free Pancakes…. (MMHGFP! …pronounced
“meh!”) We don’t have a budget, but I think it would add amazing and
categorically unquantifiable amounts of credibility and cachet to your
C.V. while also not unsettling your political values in relationship
to the state economy, anarchy, and authority by not forcing you to
cash an actual check from a NY government entity.

So basically, it’s Win-Win-Win…. :)

What do you think?