Fairytale Fashion Launch Party

Today is the launch party for my new project, Fairytale Fashion.

Fairytale Fashion by Diana Eng is a program that combines fairytales and fashion to introduce young girls to technology. Girls are asked to make-believe they are fashion designers in a fairytale and imagine what magical fashions they would create. These may be fashions that change color, transform, have blooming flowers and moving patterns. The magical fashion design ideas will be evaluated and created in real life using technology such as muscle wire, inflatables, thermochromatic ink, microcontrollers, conductive thread and 3-d printing. The working fairytale fashions and the technology behind them will be documented on this website, FairytaleFashion.org to show girls how technology can be used to turn make-believe a reality.

The Fairytale Fashion program will last five months working with girls throughout the world. FairytaleFashion.org will be used to collect magical fashion design ideas from young girls. The fairytale fashions will be made in real life for documentation by early 2010.

I just received an Eyebeam residency and will be creating Fairytale Fashion for the residency. I am very excited to join the Eyebeam community.