Trump is a brilliant man!

Facebook cut me off when my rant got too long, so now instead of inflicting this just on my friends, it will be on my public blog for all to see!

In all of the coverage of the release of the birth certificate, before getting into how wrong Trump was, the reporters always make sure to remind us he is “a brilliant man” (1:20 in the above video), “a genius,” etc.

Is he? Really?

Listening to him talk is like listening to a teenager argue with his parents. He is evasive and completely transparent in his attempts to use buzzwords and stupid rhetorical tactics to manipulate the situation. And yet people still say he is brilliant! It’s baffling!

I think that this must be an instance of a tendency that people have to think that anyone who can make a lot of money is a genius. Maybe not an Einstein genius, but genius nonetheless. They think there must be some kind of higher intelligence that it takes to make shitloads of green. And I guess I’m the last person to weigh in on what it takes to make lots of money, but I still think that this belief is totally and dangerously wrong. It seems to me that the only thing that makes Trump special is how little character he has. And that is what lets him do selfish and inane things and manipulate the easiest led amongst us.

OK, rant over.

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