Re:Group – Beyond Models of Consensus [Opening & Curators Talk]

Design by Ange Tran

Please join Not An Alternative, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, and Upgrade! NY, this Thursday, June 10 for the opening of Re:Group: Beyond Models of Consensus, an exhibition which examines models of participation and participation as a model in art and activism.

Re:Group proposes that with participation now a dominant paradigm, structuring social interaction, art, activism, the architecture of the city, the internet, and the economy, we are all integrated into participatory structures whether we want to be or not. The exhibition showcases work that subverts existing systems or envisions new alternatives to the ways in which individuals can take part, or choose not to take part, in social and cultural life. Read the two curatorial statements

Re:Group features work by thirteen artists, designers, hackers, activists, and collectives exploring both the potential and limitations of participation, networked collaboration, and distributed labor. From the “crowdsourced” projects Ten Thousand Cents and White Glove Tracking to the tactical media art of The Yes Men and Ubermorgen, from the urban interventions of John Hawke and The Institute of Infinitely Small Things to the open platforms of Ushahidi and MakerBot – the exhibition represents a diverse range of critically and socially engaged work that rethinks the institutional practices within urban planning, civil engineering, transportation, industrial design and production, relief work, and the news media.

The exhibition not only presents completed work through gallery installations, but also functions as a platform for new collaborative work. Through workshops, master classes, and discussions led by the exhibiting artists, the processes and methodologies behind the work are opened up to gallery visitors and invited communities, providing an opportunity to extend and reinterpret the artists’ ideas in new and unexpected ways.

JUNE 10 – AUGUST 7, 2010

Thursday June 10

5PM: Curators Talk
Discussion with the curators, Paul Amitai, Marco Deseriis, Beka Econonopoulos, Jason Jones, and Mushon Zer-Aviv,  moderated by Beryl Graham of UK-based new media curatorial research institute CRUMB.

6PM-8PM: Artists’ Reception
Join the artists and curators for a viewing of the exhibition.

Eyebeam Art and Technology Center
540 West 21st St, btw 10th & 11th
New York City

John Ewing, Christopher Robbins & Carmen Montoya – Ghana Think Tank
Giana González – Hacking Couture
John Hawke – Mandatory Minimum: We Have Moved!
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things – Corporate Commands
Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima -Ten Thousand Cents
Steve Lambert and Packard Jennings – Wish You Were Here: Postcards from our awesome future
MakerBot Industries – MakerBot
Christopher Robbins – Work Projects Administration 2010
Evan Roth and Ben Engebreth – White Glove Tracking
Ushahidi – Crisis Map of Haiti – [V]ote-Auction
The Yes Men – Good Cop 15
YoHa (Yokokoji, Harwood) – Social Telephony

Curated and organized by Eyebeam, Not An Alternative, and Upgrade! NY
Produced and sponsored by Eyebeam
Curatorial team: Paul Amitai, Marco Deseriis, Not An Alternative, Mushon Zer-Aviv
Public Programs: Eyebeam
Exhibition design: Not An Alternative and Paul Amitai
Brochure and environmental graphic design: Not An Alternative
Technical management and installation: Marko Tandefelt
Exhibition installation and construction: Nicholas Fraser, Kory Hellebust, Titania Inglis, Takayuki Ito, Not An Alternative, Jamie O’Shea

Thursday, June 10
5-8PM Public opening & curators talk

Friday, June 11
10AM-12PM Breakfast with the Artists

Wednesday, June 23 – Friday, June 25
Collaborative Futures book sprint
organized by Mushon Zer-Aviv and Michael Mandiberg, Eyebeam

Wednesday, June 30
3PM Corporate Commands: Walking Expedition & Performance Lab
with The Institute for Infinitely Small Things

Thursday, July 1
6-9:30PM In Code We Trust: Crowd Sourced Participation in 21st Century Democracies
discussion organized and moderated by Noel Hidalgo and Not An Alternative

Wednesday, July 7
6-9PM Action Research Workshop
with Christopher Robbins, WPA 2010

Thursday, July 8
4-6PM Think Tank the Think Tank
discussion with Ghana Think Tank

Thursday, July 8
7:30-9PM Participationism and the Limits of Collaboration
discussion organized by Not An Alternative

Thursday, July 15
2-6PM Mapping Homlessness: An introduction to Ushahidi as a tool for collaborative civic action
hands-on workshop with Chris Blow, Ushahidi

Thursday, July 15
7:30-9PM On Networked Solidarity
discussion organized by Mushon Zer-Aviv, Eyebeam

Friday, July 16
Using the Ushahidi Platform & Real-Time Street Action
hands-on workshop with Chris Blow, Ushahidi; Christopher Robbins, WPA 2010; and Reconstruct Art
at chashama, Jamaica, Queens

Tuesday, July 20
7-9PM Thought to Thing
hands-on workshop with Bre Pettis, Makerbot

Thursday, July 22
7:30-9PM Open Retail
discussion organized by Paul Amitai, Eyebeam