Documentation from Eyebeam Open Studios

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Eyebeam Open Studios! For those who didn’t, here are some pictures of my installation at the event. ALSO Stranger Visions is now up in a snazzy presentation in the Eyebeam bookstore/lobby til August, check it out if you are in Chelsea. (and consider donating to Eyebeam’s kickstarter campaign if you like their work!)

View as you enter Eyebeam Project Space.

Close up of sample collection table (petri dishes with hairs).

Another angle of the install.

Another angle of the install.

Me and my DNA self-portrait (thanks Brian House for taking this one!)

Close-up on the self-portrait.


Early prototype I showed at a LISA talk (thanks Kyle McDonald for the pic!) This version of the face was also on the table display at open studios.