NY Times review of GFS show

Well there is a less than stellar review of the show I am in at Grounds for Sculpture in last Friday’s New York Times.

Another promising work is Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s “Totem” (2010), a gypsum tower that records visitors’ conversations and spits them out in fragmented form over the course of the exhibition. Unfortunately, the fragments of speech returned by the sculpture feel so random — and are so hard to hear — that the piece fails to connect human speech, meaning and technology in a profound fashion.

Nonetheless I appreciate the mention and link to my website! I am afraid I can’t entirely disagree with their criticism. The location where Totem is installed is very echoey and it makes the speech very difficult to hear. A bit disappointing but a good reminder to be picky about where and how your work is installed and to try to visit before it is shipped. There are really so few spaces that are good for sound art… yet another reason to wish for/work towards a sound specific gallery here in New York!