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I’ve been gittin’ it up†† over at Github recently.  I think I’ve racked up over 100 commits over the past few months, but I completely made that up, so I’m not sure.

Usable Stuff

  1. Code for Art – This is 50+ sample openFrameworks apps that I use in the class of the same name that I teach at the Parsons Design & Technology program. You can check out the syllabus and lessons at my teaching website:
  2. ofxASIFT – ASIFT stands for Affine & Scale Invariant Feature Transform.  It is an algorithm for image matching by Jean-Michel Morel and Guoshen Yu.  ofxASIFT is an openFrameworks wrapper for it.  It is not real-time.  In fact, it is pretty slow.  But if you need some really good image matching for, say, still images, then this is the way to go.
  3. Craig2KML – I spent the past 2 days completely obsessed with this one.  It is based on a project I did a long time ago called Earthify.  But now I’ve translated it into a little c++ program that uses libXML2, libKML, libCURL, and TidyLib.  It takes a craigslist search like this:

    and turns it into a KML file, which you can then open in Google Maps, like this:

    View Larger Map

    Stay tuned for a web-based version of this.

  4. ofxJSON – This is probably the most usable of the bunch. Yet another openFrameworks addon for working with JSON using jsoncpp, a really nice object-oriented JSON library.  I have a few changes in mind, but it is pretty stable.
  5. ofxBerkelium – “Berkelium is a BSD licensed library that provides off-screen browser rendering via Google’s open source Chromium web browser.”  ofxBerkelium is — you guessed it — a wrapper for Berkelium so that you can render fully-interactive web pages (including Flash!) inside an openFrameworks project.

Experimental/In Progress

  1. ofxClutter – Clutter is a great interface library written in C, and I wanted to create a wrapper for openFrameworks, but they really discourage you from using raw OpenGL when using Clutter, which effectively makes it incompatible with openFrameworks, so I’m not sure I will be continuing with it.  I originally discovered it when looking for an alternative to the Cocoa library, CoreAnimation, so if you are making something that involves a lot of 2D transitions, fades, etc., you should check it out.
  2. ofxOpenCV22 – Yes, openFrameworks already has an openCV addon, but I’ve been working with the new version of OpenCV outside of openFrameworks, and I have some ideas about how to make it play a little nicer with the object-oriented structure of newer versions of openCV.  Pay no attention to the code that is in there now — it is old stuff that I committed when I was still trying to follow the formula of the old addon.  In addition to all of the old stuff like face tracking, optical flow, blob tracking, etc., my version will include lots of stuff for feature detection. I’m primarily making it from stuff I am writing for Unlogo, so I’ll be committing more when I have a chance to work on Unlogo some more.

†† I considered taking this out, but you have to respect something that sounds so horrible on so many different levels. It stays in the post!

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