I just pushed the first version of an add-on for openFrameworks that is a wrapper for Berkelium, an BSD licensed library that provides off-screen browser rendering via Google’s open source Chromium web browser. Essentially, this allows you to render a web page to an OpenGL texture, or get the pixels for further analysis. Right now it only works in XCode, but you can download the binaries here and it should work on Linux and Windows too.


[Berkelium] takes advantage of Chromium’s multiprocess rendering to isolate browsers from each other and can render to any buffer in memory. The user of the library can inject input and javascript code into web pages to control them, as well as listen for events generated by the page such as navigation events, load sequence events and paint events. Berkelium provides a small API for embedding a fully functional browser into any application.

People: Jeff Crouse
Tags: Howtus