The Futures are Collaborative Again

Starting tomorrow morning and for the next 3 days we will work on a new edition of the Collaborative Futures book.

As I’ve done before I will keep updating with posts here every evening. In the meanwhile I will leave you with the spiel:

In January 2010 six authors and one programmer were locked in a room in Berlin and were assigned by the Transmediale festival to collaboratively write a book titled “Collaborative Futures”.

5 days and 33,000 words later the first incarnation of Collaborative Futures was finished online, and sent off to be printed. 5 months later the original authors together with three new people and will be locked in Berlin and New York to produce the second edition of the same book.

They will be joined by additional guests and contributors who will drop in or contribute remotely on the website.

  • We will meet every morning at 9:30am and will write until the sun or our minds sets (the later of the two).
  • We will use the online software to write, edit and collaborate.
  • We will edit the existing work, possibly even replacing full chapters.
  • We will write new chapters to extend, complement and possibly contradict the existing ones.
  • We will eat and drink in the space and will have dinners together on the three days.
  • We will argue and fight against each other and against the paradigms of this collaborative effort and its tendency to subsume our conflicting voices.
  • We will produce the 2nd edition of the Collaborative Futures book by the evening of Friday, June 25th.

Get Involved

To help writing and editing the book read this chapter first:

Then register and contribute through:

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