The World Series of ‘Tubing

wsot_squarewith Aaron Meyers
stage production by Ania Wagner
video documentation by Barry Pousman
MC Noah Keating

YouTube War is an augmented reality card game that is played in front of a live audience. Before each game, in an offstage bullpen, two players select five videos that make up their hand. They are each given a special visor and 5 cards. Each card is printed with a special marker on the front that can be detected by the webcam mounted on the table. The players take their seats at the ‘Tubing table and and look into their private monitor, where they see their 5 videos playing on their cards.

After a countdown, both players put a card into the “ring” – in front of the main camera. In a large projection behind the players, the videos plays on the cards as if they were attached.  Player B then chooses and throws down one of his cards, which also plays in the large projection. At that point, there is a 10 second pause as the audience members cast their vote by using lasers to point at a target. Hitting the target makes a meter fill up. The player whose meter fills up first wins the round.

During the game, commentators provide a running commentary on the game much like durring a football or World Series of Poker game. Hopefully we will have time to integrate some cool motion graphics stuff to present stats, biographical info, etc.

We will set up a tournament tree at the beginning of the evening and play through untill we find a winner.