Triptych Party with You3b

ArtistMeeting is a New York City art collective that is doing a show at Postmasters on Jan 10th, 7-9PM.  The artists are using YouThreebe to present triptychs.  And there are complimentary drinks! Sounds like great fun to me!  Here is the press release.

Video triptychs involve three simultaneous video loops projected side by side on the gallery wall.  While formally simple, the effect of the looping sequences, overlapping sounds and awkward  juxtapositions is uncanny and unsettling. This is due to the slippery dis-harmonization of clip lengths,  and the conceptual layering of the elements within the videos.

For this 2nd youtube video show at Postmasters Gallery, the curators Thomas Hutchison, Maria Joao, Salema and James Andrews have selected dozens of examples of original U3B triptychs created by members of Artists Meeting.

I’d love to see you there!