Brett Stallbaum: Best Auto Responder Ever

Brett Stallbaum has the best Auto Responder ever. I was going to reply to tell him, but… I would just get the auto responder again! Love it:

Dear all,

Though I will be checking my email fairly regularly between July 1st and August 17th, I will be on the road and unable to respond to all but professional obligations such as number of exhibitions I am involved in, ICAM inquirys, critical student or other UC business, and personal matters. I will get to other emails sometime after August 17th, with the exceptions of: Don and his colleages who send a constant stream of email reminding me that I have not gotten back to them about their company’s web design services, offers to tranport funds out of various nations for a generous cut, and the many representatives I have acquired as part of my astounding recent run of winning various national and company lotteries. Related in terms of the annoying email category, a note to members of the public who sometimes send hateful mail about your public servant, a humble state employee like myself, not being there to answer your emails in a timely fashion. Most faculty in the UC are on 9 month contracts, as am I. So when I don’t respond to your angry political diatribes, just know that I am off duty. I love you, and I actually do care about our critics, but I am off duty and will not be getting back to you. Try again after the 17th. Nevertheless, I am away on work related, which is entirely my choice: I choose to continue my research over the summer. So please forgive me if I choose to concentrate on that.

If you are interested, I will be in Brazil working on this: and the HiperGps project, for this (FILE SP opens on July 27th and I’m pleased I will be there with so many UCSD colleages, Lev Manovich, Miller Puckette, Todd Margolis, Peter Otto, Sheldon Brown, Nina Waisman and of course my collaborator Cicero Silva and Jane DeAlmeida), and also at the 41º Festival de Inverno da UFMG,
Mídias locativas: produzindo arte digital com celulares (Projeto Walkingtools)