Experiments with LegalTorrents.com

I had a long discussion with several of the Research Fellows at Eyebeam about the best way to make master design files available for download. Flickr wont take an AI file, PSDs are just too big, and god forbid you try to upload the master files for your 2 minute video anywhere… We ended up bringing Bre Pettis and Zach Hoeken of Thingiverse.com into the discussion. But concluded that Thingiverse was really focused on 3D modeling, laser cutters, and 3D Printing. They welcomed me to put my Illustrator master files up there, but we all kind of agreed that it was the wrong audience.

Fred Benenson suggested LegalTorrents. After procrastinating, I’ve started the experiment with the Hamilton’s Wood Type catalog #14 book I published on Lulu.com last week.

PDF Download available here via LegalTorrents.

And Master InDesign file available here via LegalTorrents.

I also threw up some Quicktime full res versions of my three most recent videos. I need to clean up the FCP project files, and then I’ll try to upload those too.

It is all an experiment. If you download them, let me know how it goes.