Eyebeam Fellows, Residents, and Alum: Teach-In + Pizza

Michael Mandiberg showing us how its done over pizza.


Tonight we gathered at Eyebeam to load up on our senior fellows' pro skills before they leave us this summer... (sniff). Here was the agenda:


Teach-In: Senior Fellows Michael Mandiberg and Steve Lambert on Best-Practices for Sharing
This SkillShare will be held in two parts, both focusing on practical ways artists/technologists can best and most efficiently harness social networking, blogs, and online networks to diffuse their work into new audiences.

Part 1 (approx. 35 mins) will be conducted by Michael Mandiberg, looking at ways of sharing images, with a focus on Flickr.

Part 2 (approx. 90 mins) will be conducted by Steve Lambert on WPFolio and Wordpress usage. Learn how to use WPFolio, a free and open source website template on WordPress, created by artists for artists.


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