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No Longer Empty

NO LONGER EMPTY is a group of curators and artists who present thought provoking exhibits in empty store fronts.

Our first exhibit is at the storefronts at the
Hotel Chelsea
Opening June 18 6pm - 9pm
222 w 23rd st NY NY
June 19 - July 18 Wed - Sat 11am - 6pm

Please join us in a space transformed by ‘The Ship of Fools’ installation - a show within a show, curated by Michael Bevilacqua, also photographic works from Hotel Chelsea resident artists,
booths with art from our friends at Eyebeam among others. Window displays encrusted in salt and other surprises…

Curated by Manon Slome and Asher Remy-Toledo with Julian Navarro

Guido Albi-Marin | Joseph Aloi | Rita Barros | Sam Bassett
Michael Bevilacqua | Alina and Jeff Bliumis | Scott Campbell
Tara de la Garza | Kate Gilmore | Noel Hennessy | Michael Mandiberg
Cheonwook Park | Diana Puntar | Bruce Richards | Raimundo Rubio
Linda and Lothar Troeller | Dani Tull | Marnie Weber

For more details on artists and our not for profit organization, please visit