Speaking at Transmediale

I’m speaking at Transmediale without going. The session is called Critical Consumer Practice

I’m doing this because of a combination of reasons: carbon footprint, doctors orders, and the still persistent utopian desire for the network to actually connect us.

Transmediale has live streams, which are documented here. It will be going on starting at 7AM in New York, and is a salon, not a panel. It will last three hours, and I will be somewhere in there for 30 minutes.

As the website says:

We’re meeting here both as artists and as consumers. Our diverse methodologies link us in explorations that critically reflect upon us, exposing the ecological consequences of our own actions. Individual consumer freedom is a myth, just as much as the seemingly pragmatic but not at all sustainable prescriptions for crawling out of the global financial crisis. We will look at the concepts behind our practice and propose tools for sustainability.

Hosted by:
Brian Holmes, with Jan Engelmann in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation

This will be the first attempt on my part to present remotely. This is something I have been very interested in doing, and I am excited to see how it plays out. I’m sure there will be technical problems. But there will be great successes too.