Vote for SADbot so I can win a laser cutter!

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I’ve been meaning to post instructions for SADbot for a while, and the Epilog Challenge at Instructables was just the motivation I needed to get it done. Ben Leduc-Mills and I originally created it for the window gallery at Eyebeam, and we also took a mobile version to Maker Faire NY this past September. The Instructable is the slightly abridged version of project 10-3 in the book. The book version has more explanations, but the Instructable version has color pictures (and more of them) so it was nice to finally pull it together. Now if the Instructables community thinks it’s awesome, I can win an Epilog laser cutter! Amazing! Please help by clicking through to the site above and rating the project and leaving comments.

Thanks! Happy New Year.

UPDATE: I did not win the laser cutter, but I was one of 30 finalists out of over 600 entries! Thank you to everyone that voted.


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