My first Augmented Reality pieces

As part of my involvement with the Manifest.AR group, I’ve finally gotten two augments running.  Both of them are relatively similar in their politics, but have particular specificities.  The Return of the Mooninites parodies the 2000′s Boston bomb scare when LED signs employed in a guerrilla advertising campaign shut down half of Boston.  In this case, they return in stealth; they have come cloaked, invisible except through AR assistance, invading Boston Common and the Institute of Contemporary Art.









The second is one of several installations beginning with the “Gradually Melt the Sky” show at Devotion Gallery in Williamsburg.  Similarly to the Mooninites, the old 8-bit Space Invaders have some back, colored orange to signal that the US is under security code “orange” (elevated) at the time of the show, and for the last five years.  The piece lampoons the inordinate panic in the USA over what are largely unseen threats.  In this case, invaders from space ARE here, and invading Devotion Gallery.