The Straight Poop on the Burroughs Bestiary with Zaretzky and Allard!

I’m glad to say that although I haven’t been doing a lot of Yes Men animations lately, I am working on a crazy new thing that’s up the same alley.  Seems my friends Tony Allard and Adam Zaretzsky are doing this littel project called the “Burroughs Bestiary” where DNA samples from William S. Burroughs (wait there’s a good one here) are being used as mutagens.  Prize source for DNA sample is a piece of Uncle Bill’s poop -
that’s right -
there’s a piece of Burroughs’ poop in epoxy resin in Kansas and we’ll be going down to see it at the end of June.
So, what am I doing?
Making weird animations of the poop, the genetic gun to inject the DNA into a cell, the alien lab, all that.
So, here’s the poop.