Scanned Laser Cut Books

Gluten Free Scan
Without hands (click through to see the full 5000px wide image)

Gluten Free Scan with Hands
With hands (click through to see the full 5000px wide image)

This is an experiment to document/represent the laser cut books I have been making. They are all reference books, which used to get photocopied, but are now just plain obsolete.  I have been laser cutting poetic epigrams into them. I thought that returning them to their original status as things-to-be-photocopied might have some resonance.  So i scanned them.  This is a worldbook - just a test.  This is a tabloid(?) sized scanner (and this is the smallest book I have cut.

I am unsure if this works or not, and whether the hands help or hinder the idea. Hands always showed up in old photocopies of books, but here, it seems overwrought?  Or does the reference carry meaning?

Also, I was just informed by Billy Quin AKA Bottom Feeder that Irish arist Dorothy Cross did something similar with the Bible. I can’t find any images on Google, so if anyone has any further info on that work, please add it in the comments.