Gucci Group Interactive Screen

Here is a quick little project I did for Dave, who now goes by Fever Creative.

I wasn’t able to go to Miami, where it was used, but Jacob Milam took some videos and pictures.  A video of a runway show floats around the screen, following the users face, while the liquid simulation (thanks Memo! in the background reacts to the users silhouette.

I’m now trying to figure out what I should release that would actually be useful for people.  I ended up making a kind of comprehensive ComputerVision class that does

  1. smile detection
  2. Face detection (using ofxCvHaarTracker)
  3. optical flow (using ofxCvOpticalFlowPyrLK)
  4. FERN detection
  5. blob detection w/background subtraction

It’s all pretty well optimized, and easily configurable.  Of course, it can’t do all of these things at once — too much CV!  Eh – nothing special, but if you want it, it’s yours!