Lost in the Open

As a part of our (Galia Offri & mine) involvement in this year’s Transmediale Festival in Berlin we participated in a panel discussion titled “Lost in The Open”. The focus of the discussion which I moderated was to hash out some of the challenges for Free Culture beyond its epic battles against centralized institutions, record companies, major film studios, copyright regimes…

I am including here the videos for the full panel beginning with introductions by the 5 panelists and continuing with the full discussion and audience Q&A.

“We prepare every year the biggest Free Culture show ever” (Simona Levy)

“We are basically doing illustrations for Wikipedia… it’s not so simple” (Galia Offri)

“…I would interpret the whole thing as a bit broader than just about copyrights. ” (Andrea Goetzke)

“We made a beer that was free…” (Henrik Moltke)

“Are we prepared for the day after the revolution?” (Mushon Zer-Aviv)

“You know babies… we’re all born assholes, we don’t want to share nothing… we want to keep the mother with us and the toys with us…” (Open Discussion)