Arrived at CES

Getting electronic garments to CES’s FashionWare fashion show across the United States is a challenge. The garments are made out of hand sewn silk chiffon and shipping them in a box where they would be tousled and folded for days would ruin them. On the other hand bringing homebrew electronics that are duct taped into clothing on a plane is rather suspicious looking. I spent 12 hours disassembling the clothing, removing the circuit boards, weird pieces of electrical tape, wires and batteries. My goal, to carry-on 4 electronic garments. I packed the circuit boards in static free bags packed in electronics boxes from digikey. I only brought new in the package batteries. I packed all of my wires neatly in plastic ziplocks. I wrapped the clothes in tissue paper (prevents wrinkling) and carried them in garment bags. And I made it no questions asked. I shipped my soldering iron, pliers, wire cutters, and sewing scissors to the hotel.

Our rehearsal at Fashion Mall went really well last night. I’m heading into CES now.