Book & Bribe party a huge success

The idea borne out of a mini freak-out with my area head at NYU turned out to be a big success. About 10 friends and colleagues came over last night and were bribed with beer, wine, and pizza while they read and edited my first few chapters. The validation and encouragement I got from them came at just the right time. I slept well and haven’t felt this relaxed in weeks, even though I still have a stack of edited papers to get through before my deadline tomorrow. I just hope they enjoyed themselves enough to return to the 50% deadline Book & Bribe editing party in a couple months! So thank you Tom Igoe, Rob Faludi, Michelle Kempner, Becky Stern, Greg Shakar, Jennifer Pazdon, Jen King, Dana Vinson, Mike Sudano, and Steve Delaporte for the support, it means a lot to me.