Book progress and meeting my agent

The first 25% of my book was approved, an event that was punctuated by the deposit of 1/2 of my book advance into my account *smile*. My agent gets a well deserved 15%. Speaking of, I finally met Neil Salkind this past Thursday, when he was in town from Kansas to meet various authors, editors, etc. It was great to see his excitement about my book in person, and I feel honored as a first time author to be working with such an experienced agent and agency. We also walked up to ITP at NYU after coffee and met Tom Igoe and Dan O’Sullivan, the authors of Physical Computing whom he had worked with remotely but never met in person. We discussed contracts and Creative Commons licensing – we’ll see if any of our publishers go for it.

Progress since the first 25% deadline has been slow, so my 50% deadline that was schedule for Feb 15th is being pushed out a few weeks. My class at NYU started a month ago and have 18 very enthusiastic students who will be racing their mousetrap powered cars next week – I can’t wait to see what they come up with!