Equipment advance cleared the bank!

As part of my book deal, my agent negotiated a small equipment fee to cover project costs (thanks Neil!) on top of the small advance (not a good year for publishers to invest much in new authors of technical books). I just checked my bank account, and it cleared yesterday! I’m excited for SparkFun’s free day so I can get more for the money and really dig into some book projects.

For those of you wondering about the numbers, the equipment fee is 3 figures and the advance in total is in the low 4 figures. And the word advance, at least in my case, is a bit misleading. When I started this process I was under the impression that an advance is what authors received in, um, advance of writing the book. However, as a new author of a technical book in a recession this was not exactly the case. I’ll get 1/2 of the advance when I submit the first chapters (hopefully some time in January) and the rest when I finish the book. Note to aspiring technical writers: don’t quit your day job. Fortunately I’m so excited about this opportunity that the numbers don’t matter.