Fabric Deployable Structures Workshop

Here are some photos from the Fabric Deployable Structures workshop that I taught for the Colab Summer Workshop Series.

We spent the morning doing paper shapes exploration based on Miura Ori research from Julian Vincent and University of Bath. I feel that with this sort of exploration it is most satisfying to discover your own shapes. So I started by showing students how to create a few examples, then showed them how to deviate from the standard patterns to create their own models. I thought this would make it possible for students to create their own shapes outside of class.

Then in the afternoon we translated the paper models to fabric and sewed them up into garments. My favorite part of the workshop was working with the fashion students from AUT University. They were really full of energy, and I could practically see their brains churning while they were thinking about the possibilities of what could be made. So hopefully this class will help with their degree projects.