Fairytale Fashion Show in the Atlantic

There is a nice article about fashion and technology in this month’s Atlantic which talks about the Fairytale Fashion Show:

“On a Wednesday night in February, one week after fashion’s biggest names descended on New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, techy designer Diana Eng’s models were strutting a different kind of stuff: the Twinkle Dress, for example. As a striking brunette model slinked by, her flirty frock, embroidered with LEDs, conductive silverized thread, and microphones, lit up in response to tunes from a quartet playing homemade digital instruments. Off the runway, the dress’s microphones can pick up sounds from the wearer’s voice: when she speaks, she lights up in true diva style…”

Reporter Ada Brunstein was super patient both coming to the fashion show and she working around my crazy show schedule to get the interview in. Thanks, Ada, I’m off to pick up a copy from the newsstand.