Fashion w/tech or fashion w/o tech, it’s about design

When I was on Project Runway there was a “clothes off your back” challenge where you had to make a new outfit out of everything that you were wearing. We were all wearing wireless microphones and I wanted to hack mine and put it in my garment. This prompted a discussion with Tim Gunn over if hacking the microphone was the easiest way to achieve what I wanted. Or was I just using the technology as a gimmick because it was there. It turned out there was an easier way that didn’t involve the microphone.

This is something that I always keep in mind when designing. There is a huge debate over whether tech belongs with fashion or if the combination is gimmicky. Soft circuits are very popular in the craft/DIY realm because there is a certain joy to doing-it-yourself. That’s why I like to play with ham radio instead of just using the internet or a cell phone.

For my line, I don’t want technology to be the focus. I want the focus to be the design. I like to use technology because it offers a way to create real life things that seem like they should be imaginary. It is whimsical and can really make a garment special. This is really what I want to design, something special. Technology is a means to an end. Whether I use technology or not, my products will be special.