Joining the ARRL Public Relations Committee

I have just been asked to join the ARRL Public Relations Committee. I am very excited to join because I want to help connect the maker/hacker community to the ham community. It’s an exciting time because there is a huge growth in the maker/hacker community. It’s hip to tinker. Ham radio operators were the original makers and hackers. And I feel like makers and hackers could learn a lot from an organization where members are building their own portable devices that can send messages or remote control other devices around the world and through outer space.

I love maker kits from Makershed, Adafruit, and Ramsey. But I just got an Elecraft K2. And this is going to be the most challenging kit I have yet to build. When it is complete, I will have built something that can communicate around the world without using the internet, or cell phone networks. It will communicate using what I myself have built.

I also have plans to make something that can bounce signals off of the moon. A lot of other amateur radio operators have done this too. So I will follow documentation from the amateur radio community online. Ham radio has really taken my making to the next level. I hope it will do the same for the maker/hacker community.