Relative size


Another feature that could be helpful is a display of relative size. ArtsConnectEd has a solid implementation (for example – scroll down to the details, and click the Scale tab). The Met provides dimensions (in a number of formats, grumble) but does not present any cues as to the relative size of the work. So when comparing works with similar aspect ratios like Kensett’s Lake George and Homer’s Prisoners from the Front, it would be easy to assume that the works are similar in size.

Parsing the tombstone gave me width and height in centimeters. Note, I’m only handling dimensions formatted as (ABC x XYZ cm) like those in American Paintings and Modern. WolframAlpha gave me an average human height, 162 cm. And AIGA has all of the classic Symbol Signs available… I set 1 pixel = 1 cm so things wouldn’t get too large. The only sneaky bit was using Google Charts to draw the scaled rectangle for the work of art, just a bar chart with width and height set to the dimensions of the work.

//TODO: Extend to other dimension formats. Handle 3D works. And for smaller works, coffee or martini?

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