Rhizome Commisions

I am very excited to be the recipient of one of the 2010 Rhizome commissions for my art piece Fictional Jewelry and Other Wistful Adornments. Thank you everyone who voted for me, as I received a member award.

Project Description

Fictional Jewelry and Other Wistful Adornments take the whimsical idea of jewelry that blooms, breathes, and moves, and makes it a reality through the use of interactive electronics. This is a collection of jewelry pieces each with a personality fit for fiction and characterized by it’s movements and design. Some ideas that I will explore are clusters of delicate lace and tiny beads that tremble when someone is too close. A beating heart necklace, that glows to the exact beat of the wearer’s heart. Flowers that continuously bloom, wilt, wither, and bloom again. Rings that are animated with personality, breathing gently, moving playfully, shaking nervously. The style of the designs will be inspired by runway fashions and the personality of the jewelry’s animations.
I will explore the mechanisms of inflatables, muscle wires, and small motors and combine these with microcontrollers and sensors to animate the jewelry. Based on the movements I am able to animate, I will design jewelry pieces with character, that comes to life when turned on and worn.
Fictional Jewelry and Other Wistful Adornments will be viewed in the same manner as traditional jewelry. The jewelry will be shown in a gallery setting on traditional jewelry displays. Jewelry will function in displays. Video footage of some of the jewelry functioning on a model will accompany the displays.
Fictional Jewelry and Other Wistful Adornments are pieces of a fashion fairytale.  In a time of emails, text messages, and one-click delivery food, let’s use technology to create whimsy in a world that’s still fantastic, fashion. This is a collection of jewelry that is real life fiction.