Sparkfun is Awesome!

I was writing the chapter on motors and motor control and realized I was referencing a lot of’s products. So I emailed Sparkfun to ask if I could use some of their product photos in my book – and here’s there response:

Thanks for contacting us. Yes, you may use our photos in your book with the proper credit (something like “image used with permission from SparkFun Electronics” would work fine). All we ask in return is that you send us a complimentary copy of the book once it comes out in the fall. We are honored you are mentioning our products in your book and we’ll look forward to reading it. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the images or if you need higher resolution images.

Thanks again Dustyn, and best of luck with your book!

So of course I’m going to send them a copy and credit the photos! I’m very happy for their support. For the record, I tried to do the same thing with McMaster-Carr and got a very different response. The opposite response actually.

Hooray Sparkfun!