Watercolor BNC Connector

I finally broke down and bought a watercolor set. I previously have painted with a pretty nice gauche set, but I really like to layer up the colors, which tends to get muddy with gauche. It’s been a while since I painted anything, so I decided to go for the challenge of painting something metal and man made, a BNC connector. This was more demanding than I anticipated. I wasn’t able to accurately capture the colors of the reflective metal. I’m just not used to all of the colors in the set and am fairly out of practice. And it was a challenge to paint something structured. Organic shapes like flowers are more forgiving, because you can have little proportional inaccuracies. So my painting is kind of yellow and a distorted. This is why it is good to practice.

Next time, I am going to try to find something with more vibrant colors so that I can really see how nice my watercolor set is.